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Hosted Desktop Solution

hosted desktop on all devices

Move your Desktop to the Cloud.

Foxcomm's Hosted Desktop is a citrix based cloud computing solution which enables you to access your desktop, business apps and files in the cloud so you can work from anywhere on a wide range of devices - your computer is powered online rather than from a local hard drive.


Hosted Desktop uses the power of the internet to deliver a quick and easy to use online computing system. As consumers enjoy ever more online services which they can access using a smart phone, so these consumers need the same flexibility and power in their working lives. This is where Hosted Desktop fits, its a cloud service for business that enables you to access your entire work computing requirements from anywhere, on pretty much any device.

hosted desktop apps in the cloud

Hosted Desktop Maximizes Flexibility


Add (or reduce) users as needed.

Access "the office" from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Establish a virtual cloud office and minimize the need for physical office space.


Hosted Desktop Improves Cash Flow


Fluctuating IT costs are replaced with a predictable fixed monthly subscription fee.

Pursue special projects without the risk of committing capital to hardware and software.

Procure plans based on business needs.


Hosted Desktop is Fully Managed


Daily backups are automated and stored safely at our top tier data center.

We maintain all software updates and patches.

24/7 monitoring and management of virtual IT infrastructure.


Better Experience than Web Based Applications


Use your favorite full-featured office software packages, not browser-based knockoffs.

Reap the benefits of the latest office software without wasting budget to update hardware.

Minimize downtime and data loss due to weather or equipment failure.

  • UK based Data Center


  • Packed with Microsoft Office Suites


  • Realtime Backup and Replication


  • Reliability and 24/7 Managed Support


  • Office 365 Integrated


  • Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime