Hosted Desktops

Work securely from anywhere.
From £39.99 per user/per month. Free setup and 30 days rolling contract.

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20GB File Storage per User

Microsoft 365 License

UK Based Data Center

Files Backed-Up Everyday

Cybersecurity & Spam Protection

24/7 Helpdesk

Why move your company to Hosted Desktops from Foxcomm?

Before Hosted Desktop
With Hosted Desktop
Poor security, susceptible to viruses
High Security, Antivirus and Anti Malware Protection
Files in different computers
Anytime, anywhere access to all files, softwares and Emails etc.
Slow computer and Internet speeds
High Performance and SLA guaranteed Internet speeds
No backups or data retention policy
Daily backups and 30 days data retention policy
Costly servers and hardware maintainence
No maintenance or server related costs

Hosted Desktop Packages

If its compliance or security or peace of mind you need for your company’s files and data, or simply you want to move to a hybrid working enviornment for your employees, you need Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktop Features
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Hosted Desktop + Microsoft 365 hosted desktop image 2
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Windows 10 Style
DNS Web Filter
File and Application Server
Daily Backups
with 14 days retention
with 30 days retention
with 30 days retention
Microsoft 365
24/7 Heldesk and Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we billied for Hosted Desktops?

All customers are billed in arrears and we setup a direct debit with the customer. This is charged 15-30 days after the date of the invoice.

What happens if i loose internet connection?

Hosted Desktops are in the cloud so even if your local internet has lags or temporarily has a downtime, all your work stays in the Cloud enviornment and you can regain access and resume where you left off within 3 hours of downtime. 

Are we tied on to a long term contract

No, we understand in a fast paced office where employees leave and new ones join all the time. Therefore all hosted desktop profiles and any add-on’s have a 30 days rolling contract, You can cancel with 1 month’s notice.

How secure and compliant is my service?

A hosted desktop is actually more secure than a traditional desktop. The data is stored and processed on secure servers in data centres here in the UK, which are protected by on-site staff and military grade security. In order to access your data, you will need to enter a username and password. Once you are connected, everything you do is encrypted. Also, you cannot accidentally erase or corrupt data as it is regularly backed up by foxcomm hosted desktop systems. It meets the FCA-IT compliance and criteria for all Financial, Legal and Public instituions .

How do i get started or take the first step?

We’ll manage all of it for you! Migration or Set-Up assistance is completely free. There is nothing else to pay apart from the monthly user fee or Add-ons like extra storage or cRAM for extra computer memory performance etc – there are no hidden charges, no matter how complex your set up. Just email us to get started.

Contact us to get started

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