Who We Help

We work with a diverse range of clients, with an equally wide range of needs and ambitions to provide managed IT support services. The depth of knowledge and IT Services we offer in UK, Europe and Middle East means we can service the needs of an unusually wide range and variety of sectors and markets. Our client base ranges from small offices to medium and large organisations with in the public and private sector.

  • Westbury Hotels
  • Cafe Rouge
  • Haart Estates

Foxcomm supplies IT Solutions and IT Services  at Westbury Hoteling Group so they can provide their customers with the best customer service experience.

Services we provide


Foxcomm delivers IT Helpdesk Support to few Cafe Rouge Franchises.

Services we provide

cafe rouge

Foxcomm supplies Hosted Desktops and Unified IT Systems to a few of Haart Franchises. Haart Estates are a chain of sales and lettings agent in the UK

Services we provide

haart estates

Few of our Customers by Business Sectors

  • Max Mara (Head Office)
  • British Lingerie
Public Sector/Local Government
  • IPSA 
  • Hammersmith & Fulham Council
Hotelling Groups
  • Discovery Foods
  • Westbury Hoteling Group
  • Babbo Group Ltd.
  • T.M Assets Management Ltd.
  • Implexco Ltd
  • DRE Traders GMBH
Real Estate
  •  Haart Estates
  • Allsopp Estates (Dubai)
Other Sectors
  • ETC/RAFI Group (Russia)
  • Bulthap
  • Gemini Motor Group

And some more customers we look after...

Foxcomm is delivering client success in various sectors

Insurance and Financial

Delivering digital workspace solutions to financial institutions so they can transform and excel at their work.

Retail and Hospitality

Foxcomm delivers guest experience using digital elements to increase productivity at hoteling sector using our various IT solutions.

Not for Profits

Helping UK based charities achieve more, especially for the ones that really need it most.

Legal and Professional

We ensure legal and service companies remain compliant in various IT systems to firstly protect their data and then provide security to ensure all the safeguards are in place.

Construction and Engineering

We help construction companies with innovative technology IT solutions to transform their digital landscape.

Media, Sports & Venue Management

Helping sports stadia and venues improve efficiency with efficient processing of their own data. And also delivering high speed MPLS internet and IT connectivity solutions.

One of the main benefits of having foxcomm as a managed IT service provider is that businesses can access a vast knowledge base of IT expertise and experience that foxcomm brings to the table. This knowledge can help businesses improve their IT performance, enhance security, and streamline their operations. Additionally, foxcomm can offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of the business, providing customised services and support.

Foxcomm’s Managed IT services can also help businesses reduce IT costs. Instead of hiring and managing an in-house IT team, businesses can outsource their IT needs to foxcomm. Additionally, we can offer proactive maintenance and monitoring services that can prevent issues before they arise, minimising downtime and associated costs.

Contact us to discuss your IT Project or any Specific Requirements.