IT Services

At Foxcomm we transform businesses with technology so our clients can reach their maximum potential. Foxcomm delivers IT Services like Connectivity, Hosted Cloud, Cyber Security and Network based operations all over the world.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The companies we work with can be leading charities, government agencies, lawyers, finance, media and thriving family businesses, all at varying stages of growth and investment.

Your needs vary. Your budgets vary. You may need us to take on all your technology needs. Others have a niche requirement. Our customers come from all sectors and embrace widely varying cultures.

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IT Consultancy

Has your business been challenged with a new IT project which is beyond the reach of your technical scope?. If so, then we can help you achieve this goal. Our way of doing business is to treat each client as unique; working with you to gain an understanding of your Business IT Support needs and priorities which enables us to deliver a truly bespoke IT and Network support service. Latest systems are far simpler and cost effective, thus unified at the same time to provide a more collaborative solution.

Helpdesk and Remote Support

We deliver a seamless and a very fast process for remote support. We offer contract based 24/7 support to clients as and when needed. We respond within 15 minutes to each request and get the user working again in neglible amount of time.

Cisco Webex UC

With foxcomm hosting your telephony; you get a complete business communications service with advanced call features. We use multiple platforms integrated in to one such as Webex, Call Cabinet, Akixi, Go Integrator and a lot more to give you the one place for collaboration.

Data & Cyber Security

Data and Cybersecurity has never been as important as it is today. With hacking tools now widely available businesses need to take every precaution to protect themselves from external as well as internal threats. Foxcomm is a Microsoft & Cisco Certified IT partner that you can trust to manage your crucial security concerns. We have years of experience in implementing crucial policies to safeguard against all kinds of threats.

Project Delivery

We take in complete IT Projects for new or existing businesses to provide with unified and collaborative IT solutions for your office. For clients seeking a reliable and proven partner to project manage and deliver crucial IT projects. Foxcomm has a long-standing track-record of delivering IT and telephony projects of various sizes on time and within budget, from simple upgrades to major wide area and local area network design and implementation projects for a diverse range of customers.

Hosted Cloud Services

Our Cloud systems can enable your business with new capabilities to improve your day-to-day work process without huge start-up costs associated with new technology. Our cloud based services include: Hosted Exchange Email, Infrastructure as a Service, Hosted Desktops, Hosted Applications, Hosted Servers etc.

Digital Marketing

We offer state of the art websites and web apps for new and existing businesses. We are different as we use the best elements and features available to create content rich websites with no limitations. Then we create a brand identity and use our years of search optimisation knowledge to generate traffic for your business online identity.

Different sectors in which we provide our IT Services and Support Offerings:

Finance: In the finance industry, IT services are essential for managing sensitive financial data, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. Your services could include network infrastructure management, data backup and recovery, risk assessment, and implementing financial software solutions.

Legal: Law firms and legal departments rely heavily on IT services for document management, case tracking, legal research, and secure communication. Your IT services could involve setting up and maintaining case management software, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality, and providing support for legal research tools.

Not-for-profits: Non-profit organizations often have unique IT requirements. Your services could include setting up and managing donor management systems, designing and maintaining websites, implementing online fundraising platforms, and providing IT training and support to staff members.

Education: Educational institutions heavily rely on IT services to support their administrative functions, facilitate e-learning platforms, and ensure data security. Your services could involve network infrastructure setup, software implementation, student information system management, and providing technical support to teachers and students.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry requires IT services for inventory management, supply chain optimization, production planning, and process automation. Your services could include implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, integrating production machinery with IT infrastructure, and providing cybersecurity solutions to protect valuable intellectual property.

In each industry, it’s important to understand the specific needs and challenges and and tailor our IT service offerings to meet the clients requirements.